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Yoga, Chiropractic, and Stroke

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Yoga, Chiropractic, and Stroke

There was a story circulating recently about a woman who suffered a stroke after practicing an advanced yoga pose. The story gave details about how the pose had caused a small tear in her carotid artery which, in turn, caused a small stroke. You can read the full article here.

neck manipulation is a remarkably safe procedure

Many chiropractic patients, concerned over the article, have been calling their Chiropractors to see if there is any correlation between the neck trauma caused by the yoga pose and the neck manipulations they had been receiving in the office.

Neck manipulation is a remarkably safe procedure

Put them at ease by explaining that while high-velocity neck manipulation has been linked to stroke, the occurrences are extremely rare (only 1 in nearly 6 million cases) and overall neck manipulation is a remarkably safe procedure. Information from the ACA indicates there is a greater risk of injury driving to a chiropractic appointment than from the procedures that take place in your office. Read more about the correlation between stroke and chiropractic here

As with any procedure, risk factors should be discussed with the patient before starting a new plan of action. The American Heart Association states “patients should be informed of the potential association between cervical (neck) dissection and cervical manipulative therapy prior to manipulation of the cervical spine.”

There are many on-going studies about the connection between chiropractic and stroke but by taking reasonable precautions, keeping patients informed, and staying current with the continuing research on the subject, risks to your patients and your practice are at a minimum.

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