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I Need Help Completing the Mandatory Security Risk Analysis (SRA)

If you are confident that you have a solid HIPAA and/or OIG compliance process in place, you can stop reading now; but if you have even the smallest concern that you’re not compliant, we’re here to help you sort it out. Compliance is ever-evolving because the threats are all around us…every day. You may feel you have a solid HIPAA compliance program in place because your Compliance Manual is up-to-date, BUT is the manual all there is to it? Are your employees trained and committed; are the right policies in place and adhered to; and are processes audited on a regular basis? Compliance must be an on-going, working process to be valid.

We recently had an inquiry from a provider concerned about a call from a compliance company. The caller had launched into the importance of security and the mandatory Security Risk Analysis (SRA). The provider assumed that the call was simply a sales ploy hoping to “scare” her into purchasing their assistance. Fortunately, she called us to question the call. While the caller was correct about the need to accurately complete the Mandatory SRA, you should know that you have many options for help in getting it done.

What Are My Options?

In our research, we found that there are several companies offering help with compliance using a wide variety of methods (e.g., software applications, checklists, consultations, classes, etc.) for achieving compliance—so many, in fact, that just trying to figure out where to go for help can be overwhelming.

Good news for KMC University Library Members

You already have all the help you need right at your fingertips! As a member, you have access to online courses with complete step-by-step instructions on how to make sure your practice is compliant. Your courses incorporate video support, internet links, fact sheets with detailed information, and support tools like the Risk Assessment Data Collection Toolkit (see sample below) that provide actual samples to reference.

Implementation is an important step that most companies overlook

One of the unique things we offer at KMC University, that sets us apart from other companies, is that we guide you through the process of assessing risk, completing a Risk Assessment, creation of specific action plans and then help you devise an implementation plan that meets your practices’ needs. We also have coaches available if you need additional support along the way.

Call (855) 832-6562 now or click to schedule a 15-minute Solution Consultation at your convenience.

Implementation should not be confused with a dusty manual that sits on the office shelf, because that book is useless without specific action plans and an implementation process in place to support the policies inside. Strong action plans and a solid implementation process are critical steps when finalizing your compliance process. Taking those steps will give you confidence that you have the best possible compliance program in place.

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