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No More Handwritten Medicare Claims

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No More Handwritten Medicare Claims

The Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) National Government Services (NGS) notified providers that they will no longer accept handwritten 1500 claims as of June 2019. If you are still submitting handwritten claims to NGS, you do have alternative options. The immediate solution would be to register with NGSConnex and submit claims directly. This is a web-based self-service portal, free of charge. Check it out HERE.

Additional options are listed in the CMS Bulletin. If you are not a NGS Medicare provider, we encourage you to monitor your MAC bulletins. Notice the direction provided by the MAC Noridian:

Handwritten Claims are difficult to read; therefore, they take longer to process. The OCR equipment may misread the information, resulting in the entry of invalid information for the claim. To ensure timely and accurate processing of claims. Noridian recommends claims be typed, not handwritten.

There is a big difference between a suggestion and a rule. Avoid the rejected claims by checking your MAC for claim filing rules and recommendations.

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