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Medicare Revalidation is Here!

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Revalidation is Not a Joke

Medicare RevalidationMany chiropractors have gotten letters from their local MAC (Medicare Administrative Contractors) telling them that it is time to revalidate their Medicare provider status. Please take this letter seriously and do not delay in your response. Failure to respond has caused a sizable number of chiropractors to lose their provider status (either par or non-par) and therefore lose their ability to bill for Medicare patients. The process to get readmitted back into Medicare can be a long and challenging one. While you are attempting readmittance, you will not be able to treat Medicare patients nor bill for Medicare beneficiaries.

Medicare . . . You Have To Be In It

Chiropractors are one of just a few healthcare providers who cannot “opt out” of Medicare. To treat a Medicare beneficiary, you must be registered with Medicare as either par (you bill Medicare and get paid directly by Medicare) or non-par (you bill Medicare but the patient pays you, and they get reimbursed by Medicare). If you have no status, you cannot take care of these patients.

Our team at KMC University is expert at addressing these challenges. If you have received a revalidation letter and are not sure how to proceed, or if you have been terminated by Medicare because you did not revalidate on time, give us a call at (855) 832-6562 and one of our certified specialists will be able to assist you.

Time is of the essence! Don’t forfeit your access or your cash flow!