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Master Medicare at Hands-On Lab!

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Medicare Mastery: Minimize Risk and Maximize Confidence

When asked what’s the biggest thorn in the side of DCs, without question the most popular answer is Medicare…from every angle. They report that they don’t feel confident about what exactly needs to be done to stay on the right side of Medicare rules. It’s Medicare-Palooza to the rescue!


This two-day event is a one-of-a-kind training that combines live demos, workshops, and practicum-style training sessions with a direct focus on all components of Medicare. From documentation, to risk management compliance, to financial regulations that surround this Federal program, this Hands-on Lab concentrates on the specific rules that must be followed by health care providers. Using Medicare as the central hub of the training wheel, this important workshop will blend documentation instruction, regulatory compliance, self-auditing, diagnosis and case management to promote maximum risk management. With the MACRA legislation taking effect January 1, 2017, compliance with the new rules has never been more important. This event will help DCs and their teams see and understand the necessity to move from the regulatory effects of “old Medicare” into the new world of quality measurement. By the end of this Medicare-Palooza weekend, confidence will soar when Morris or Mildred Medicare sign in for their next appointment.

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