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The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress Spotlights Kathy Mills Chang

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The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress Spotlights Kathy Mills Chang

This Fall, the F4CP spotlighted Kathy Mills Chang, founder and CEO of KMC University, for the continued support she has shown the F4CP and chiropractic profession. They wrote:

Kathy is a $100 per month gold contributor to the F4CP since 2007 and recently contributed $2,000 to support the Foundation's national opioid awareness campaign. She donated to the campaign in honor of her nephew, Brian Roosevelt, who died of an opioid overdose over 10 years ago. After unsuccessful medical treatment for back pain, several compounding Workers' Compensation injuries and a lack of oversight by his medical provider, Brian lost his battle to addiction of these drugs and left us at only 35 years old.

Kathy has been a part of the profession since 1983 and after this tragedy, has redoubled her efforts to help spread the word about chiropractic care as the FIRST choice, drugs second, surgery last. We are thankful for Kathy's membership and support in helping to position chiropractic care as the first-line option for pain management before opioids.

If you would like to make a donation to the Foundation for Chiropractic Progess Stop Opioid Abuse Campaign, click here.