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At KMC University, we're constantly reading, studying, and acquiring the very latest information about the chiropractic profession—and you are the ultimate beneficiary of our diligence! When we come across something we know will benefit you, we link to it here. This public access area is packed with a vast free repository of articles, news, videos, photographs, links to external resources, and general information covering our areas of focus and listed in chronological order. You can also search for specific information on the right.

Note: this area is for public access. KMC University Library and PhD program members have access to an expanded database of personalized topical training. Interested? Click here to find out more!


Reports by the Office of Inspector General have pinpointed that DCs now have one of the higher error rates in documentation out of all Part B Medicare Providers. There is a significant lack of understanding of the difference between clinically appropriate care and medically necessary care...

1 KMC University Library

The profession of chiropractic has often felt it was the responsibility of the chiropractor to tell the story. Most consulting groups will push chiropractors to do marketing of some sort, maybe hire someone to do your marketing but it is still happening from the chiropractors perspective...

Compliance Basics

In today’s practice, it isn’t “if” you are going to be audited, but rather, “when” As such, it’s an absolute necessity for today’s practices to understand why audits happen, to know how to ...

3rd Party Billing and Collections

More and more practices are finding they collect most of their reimbursement across the front desk…be that a cash or insurance patient. OTC training is often a missing link for most offices. The result is decreased cash flow, increased accounts receivable and patients who drop out of care...


Do you have Medicare Appeals pending at the Office of Medicare Hearing and Appeals (OHMA)? If yes, this is a very important announcement for you from CMS.


Medicare requires changes to your mandatory ABN form if you are a non-participating provider. We have updated ABN forms in our Mandatory ABN Lesson located in the Medicare Department of the KMC University Library. These updates include a revised Implementation Guide, an ABN Instruction Form...


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Compliance Basics

How would you like to have a steady stream of EXTRA new patients every week, filling your practice to the brim?