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Staff Training Saves You Money!

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By Team KMCU

Staff Training Saves You MoneyMake the time for training, the time won't find itself

Sometimes we get so BUSY treating patients that we ignore the business side of practice, like training team members and basic administrative work. And it’s an epic fail to try to wedge these things in between patient visits or during lunch. Patient flow will derail good intentions every time. You MUST set aside specific time to work on your business.

KMC University recommends daily, weekly, and monthly admin time to address training and implementation of billing, coding, patient finances, documentation, and compliance issues.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does everyone an hour weekly to work in the KMC University Library?
  • Does each department have daily or weekly administrative time?
  • Do team members have weekly check-in meetings with the doctor?
  • Does the doctor have time daily to work on new patient records and office notes?
  • Does the doctor meet weekly with the financial department?
  • Does the front desk team have time weekly to recall patients?
  • Does the insurance team have time weekly to proactively and reactively make follow-up calls?
  • Does the doctor take time monthly to plan internal and external marketing?

Consider all tasks in the practice not directly related to patient care. Assign regular, non-patient hours to deal with these. To make the most of your time:

  1. Schedule one hour per week for team meetings. Use 15-30 minutes of that for training, role playing, practicing scripts, etc. Assign someone to lead the training each time and cross-train others.
  2. Consider cluster booking patients at peak times. Schedule blocks of down time for administrative work only so you can concentrate on the tasks at hand without interruption.
  3. Many practices stop having team meetings because they are either uninspiring, unmotivating or just don't know what to say. Avoid that pitfall by making use of the KMC University Weekly Team Meeting Template here.