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Medicare Revalidation Time is NOW

in Medicare
By Team KMCU

Medicare Revalidation Time is NOWIf you are a provider or supplier enrolled in Medicare, and you haven’t already revalidated your Medicare enrollment, you may want to do so now. This cycle of revalidations began on June 15, 2017 and continues into October. If you have already revalidated your enrollment, no further action is necessary. For those of you that have not revalidated, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) have now issued a schedule to complete the process. You can wait until you’re notified of your due date (and you have six months from the day you receive that notification to complete your revalidation), but acting as soon as you are within 6-months of your due date means you can stop worrying about it. You can relax knowing that your Medicare payments won’t be delayed, and you won’t run the risk of having your Medicare billing privileges revoked.

Note: do not apply for revalidation earlier than 6-months before the due date, or the application will be returned to you.

Three key things to remember:

  1. Your MAC sends a revalidation notification via email or USPS 75-90 days before it is due
  2. Payment hold orders are issued within 25 days after the due date
  3. Deactivation orders are issued 60-75 days after the due date

We have received calls from doctors who have suddenly noticed that their Medicare payments mysteriously stopped. Our certified specialists found that these doctors had not revalidated by their deadlines. The KMC University team of specialists helped them avoid going through the long and tedious process of getting their payments fully restored. There are several ways to complete the revalidation process. The simplest is to contact us at KMC University, and let us handle everything for you. If you choose to do it on your own, use one of the following methods:

To apply for revalidation online, go to You can submit the application there, but you must also:

  • Sign the document electronically
  • Upload all supporting documents
  • Note: if you don’t have an account established with PECOS, you’ll have to do that pre-work before starting the revalidation process.


  • Print, sign, and date a copy of the certification application
  • Print all supporting documents
  • Mail all documents to your MAC immediately
  • Hope that everything is received and is deemed complete

For a copy of the paper enrollment application, click here.

If you have additional questions about the revalidation process, or need help with your application, one of our Certified Specialists will be happy to help you get through the process quickly and painlessly. You can contact our Solutions Department at (855) 832-6562. We are ready to assist you at any time.