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Could Seeing Kids for Free be Illegal?

Compliance Basics
in Compliance Basics
By Team KMCU

Do You Treat Children for Free?Stop putting your practice at risk

I was talking with some doctors last week talking when the issue of building a pediatric aspect to a practice was brought up. The emotions were intense and well worth further discussion so let's keep the momentum going. If successful, I MAY insult a few of you!

Seeing a child for free could be illegal for a few important reasons:

  • IF you are seeing Mom or Dad, or any other adult at your regular fee then you are guilty of having a dual fee schedule.
  • If you bill insurance for that child's visit then you are committing INSURANCE FRAUD....that's really bad, stop immediately, and don't do that!
  • You could be guilty of inducement and/or enticement by stating that you see kids for free, unless you're willing to see the entire family for free.

But, let's talk about the biggest issue...VALUE. What does it mean when you see a kid or baby for free? Is their health and potential value less than an adult? What does that say about you? It tells me that you're not specially trained; that you haven't invested in further education for this special population, and as a result you think they are the same as adults, but "just little spines".

If your child needed help, would you want to see the "cheap" doctor who sees kids for free, or would you want to see the best? If this is your child, what would you do; who would you want?