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Are You Passive About Active Care?

Therapy and Active Care
in Therapy and Active Care
By Team KMCU

It's time to get active!

Active CareBack in the day, chiropractors built hugely successful practices based on “MUSH”. What is MUSH? Manipulation, Ultrasound, Stim, and Heat, in other words passive care. Insurance carriers did not demand the rigid standards they do today to prove medical necessity for care. Patients loved being able to go to their chiropractor, lie on a comfy table, get adjusted, receive warm and tingly therapy, and have their insurance pay for it. MUSH was great, but MUSH is no longer paying the bills.

Today’s practices must move the patient from this passive care (appropriate in the acute phase of treatment) to active care. This means creating a system that will take each patient on a journey with a clear beginning, middle, and eventual end point to care. Patients and insurance carriers alike want patients to be more active in their care plans, and carriers are willing to pay for this active care.

The secret to success is the system

The key to the proper integration of active care into a practice is to create a system that will evaluate each patient in order to identify who needs rehabilitation, what type is needed, and when that rehab is complete. At KMC University, we have a host of tools and resources that will do exactly these things, and more! Members can click here to learn more.

Not yet a member? Give us a call at 855-832-6562 and we can get you on the right track. It's time to get active!

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