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Rhonda Hodge MCS-P
By Rhonda Hodge MCS-P in Medicare
New graduates begin their chiropractic career and, for whatever reason, the mere mention of the word “Medicare” can cause a heart rate to quicken. The fear of Medicare is causing some new providers to assume they can see Medicare patients and avoid billing on behalf of the patient. Truth is, doing...
By Team KMCU in Medicare
Medicare is removing Social Security numbers from Medicare cards. This step is to help prevent fraud, help eliminate medical identity theft, and to protect program funding and the private healthcare and financial information of our Medicare beneficiaries.
By Team KMCU in Compliance Basics
Q: When initially submitting billing for a Medicare patient, what is the rule for filling out box 14? Also, what about box 15?
By Team KMCU in Compliance Basics
MRP stands for Medical Review Policy. Many providers and CAs raise an inquisitive brow when MRP is mentioned, having never even heard of it before. Make no mistake, this policy matters and plays a key role in determining the care that is reimbursable by a payor.
By Team KMCU in Compliance Basics
PHI is at the very core of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) The underlying purpose of HIPAA is to ensure that the personally identifiable information in a patient’s health record is kept private and protected.
By Team KMCU in Compliance Basics
What a busy time of year! There is so much activity inside and outside of the practice as the year ends. Taking a proactive approach is certain to help you and your practice to minimize risk of incident and error, claims denial, audit, loss of cash flow… and the list goes on.
By Team KMCU in Therapy and Active Care
Third-party payers want to see active care as part of your treatment plan. Patients like it because they heal faster. Best of all, it boosts reimbursement!
By Team KMCU in Medicare
Is your money in danger of flying out the window??? If you haven’t taken time to review your 2016 PQRS and QRUR reports, it could be doing just that!
By Team KMCU in Finances
As we approach 2018, it’s best practice for all providers to review their fee schedule and average reimbursement. Recalculate the practice’s “cost per visit” by dividing the number of office visits into total collections for the same period.
By Team KMCU in Medicare
Snowbird season presents a number of wonderful opportunities for doctors who see them. If you have not already done so, now would be an awesome time to implement a reactivation program reminding your seasonal patients that you are still around, and to come in for a spinal check-up. Post cards,...