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From in-depth articles exploring hot topics in the industry to detailed how-tos about reimbursement and compliance, our blog puts a wealth of information at your fingertips. Check back often for new entries!

Kathy Mills Chang, MCS-P, CCPC, CCCA
By Kathy (KMC) Weidner MCS-P CCPC CCCA in Compliance Basics
If you don't have SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for every process in your chiropractic practice, you're vulnerable if you or a staff member is sick, leaves, or isn't available. Here's how to get it done.
By Team KMCU in Coding
Our "new normal" quickly necessitated a crash course in how telemedicine can work with chiropractic. While the codes for electronic and telephone visits have been with us a while, they were pushed to the forefront in 2020.
Yvette Noel
By Yvette Noel CPCO in Compliance Basics
No office expects it… you go to work; you go home and get up the next day to start all over again. The phone rings and you cannot believe your ears. You have worked there for years and now everything has changed in just one phone call. No one expected it. We are not talking about an unfavorable...
Yvette Noel
By Yvette Noel CPCO in 3rd Party Billing and Collections
Should you verify the patient’s insurance before the first visit? On the first visit? Before the Report of Findings (ROF)? Do you perform a Financial Report of Findings (FROF) first? Or do you submit the claim and wait for the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) to come. All of this uncertainty could be...
By Team KMCU in Coding
Although ICD-10 has been a part of our lives for years now, often the basics of the coding guidelines are missed. This Mini-Class covers the basic details.
Kathy Mills Chang, MCS-P, CCPC, CCCA
By Kathy (KMC) Weidner MCS-P CCPC CCCA in Basic CA Training
Once interrupted, it takes an average of 23 minutes and 15 seconds to get back on task after being interrupted.
Dr. Lisa Hart
By Lisa Hart DC MCS-P in Compliance Basics
Creating consistency in the systems you put in place is easy, but compliance can be complicated, overwhelming, and confusing. It is not surprising that many doctors zone out when they hear the word “compliance.” Practitioners would be wise to mix these compliance components in the cement that will...
By Team KMCU in Documentation
We can't keep everything in our heads. When it comes to coding and documentation, everyone should have a reference and that shouldn't be your buddy down the road.
By Team KMCU in Documentation
The essence of the business side of chiropractic practice is documentation and coding. This overview of the guidelines takes us "back to basics".
By Team KMCU in KMC University Library
Here at KMC University, we've been working remotely and providing online training and resources for over 10 years, This is our specialty!