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From in-depth articles exploring hot topics in the industry to detailed how-tos about reimbursement and compliance, our blog puts a wealth of information at your fingertips. Check back often for new entries!

By Team KMCU in Compliance Basics
We all think it can’t happen to us . . . until it does. A natural disaster occurs, be it a flood, hurricane, or fire. These have certainly taken center stage recently. Some may experience the latest plague on the internet: ransomware. Your computer system gets infected by some outside program that...
By Team KMCU in Medicare
If you are a provider or supplier enrolled in Medicare, and you haven’t already revalidated your Medicare enrollment, you may want to do so now.
By Team KMCU in Compliance Basics
We are so fortunate here at KMC University. Each year our team gets to travel all over the United States to speak at dozens of state associations and seminars. Not surprisingly, compliance with Office of the Inspector General guidelines and HIPAA are among the most common topics we present.
By Team KMCU in Therapy and Active Care
Back in the day, chiropractors built hugely successful practices based on “MUSH”. What is MUSH? Manipulation, Ultrasound, Stim, and Heat, in other words passive care. Insurance carriers did not demand the rigid standards they do today to prove medical necessity for care. Patients loved being able...
By Team KMCU in Compliance Basics
Summer is in full swing. Long hot days spent with family and friends at the beach, the lake, or just charting new adventures are typical for many. At any given time in the summer 10-15% of your patients may be doing the exact same thing! Many practices experience a little summertime dip in their...
By Team KMCU in 3rd Party Billing and Collections
There once was a day when third party collections were simple. Some even say, in jest of course, that you could throw CMS1500 forms up into the air, and it would rain checks. In those days, good insurance was a $100 deductible with 80% coverage. That is 80% of your fee, not some arbitrary fee...
By Team KMCU in Documentation
Shocking as this may sound, documentation is one of the least favorite tasks in practices today. It also turns out that not everyone loves Electronic Health Records (EHR). Some feel that data entry is more time-consuming than handwritten notes, and that using a keyboard creates a barrier between...
By Team KMCU in Coding
"I always do the exact same exam," they say, "so of course I use the exact same E/M codes!" Equally alarming is the doctor who thinks that by down-coding the level of E/M, they will stay off the radar of the auditors.
By Team KMCU in Compliance Basics
We have hardly met a chiropractor, or any other healthcare provider, who has not provided care for a family member. There has been serious confusion, if not intense debate, as to whether a doctor can bill the family member’s health insurance for services provided. When faced with these dilemmas,...
By Team KMCU in Documentation
You’ve probably been told to audit yourself to be in compliance with HIPAA, the OIG and on issues like documentation, instead of waiting to be audited later by an outside source who uncovers big problems.