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By Team KMCU in Compliance Basics
What does it mean when you see a kid or baby for free? Is their health and potential value less than an adult? What does that say about you? It tells me that you're not specially trained; that you haven't invested in further education for this special population, and as a result you think they are...
By Team KMCU in Medicare
Do you bill this visit to Medicare? They have paid you without question for years. But should you? Do you?
By Team KMCU in Office Management
Sometimes we get so BUSY treating patients that we ignore the business side of practice, like training team members and basic administrative work. And it’s an epic fail to try to wedge these things in between patient visits or during lunch.
By Team KMCU in Medicare
The answer to the question is that there may be a lot wrong if you are among the 78% of chiropractors who are using the ABN incorrectly. Audits by Medicare Recovery Contractors see errors in ABN use as easy pickings. We have seen a considerable uptick in questions regarding the use of the Advance...
By Team KMCU in Medicare
Each year the Medicare fee schedule is updated and most often this update results in a small increase in allowed amounts and Limiting Charges. If you provide services to Medicare eligible patients, you will want to go get the updated fees from your own Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC).
By Team KMCU in Finances
Deductibles are at an all-time high with many Affordable Care Act plans now seeing deductibles in excess of $7000 for an individual and $14,000 for a family. Many of these people will never meet their deductibles rendering them as primarily cash patients for most or all their chiropractic care.
Kathy Mills Chang MCS-P CCPC
By Kathy Mills Chang MCS-P CCPC CCCA
From our KMC University family to yours, our warmest wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season, and a joyful and prosperous new year.
By Team KMCU in Documentation
This is the time of year when most people stop to think about what they are thankful for in their lives. Family, health, prosperity, for example. When thinking about gratitude; chiropractic naturally comes to mind.
By Team KMCU in Compliance Basics
Your first communication with your patients today, is often a virtual introduction, through your website. It’s great that you have a “virtual marketing person” working on your behalf, 24/7 and you don’t have to pay them hourly, pay a salary or worry about them taking a sick-day. Most of us, once we...
Perilyn Olson - Personal Advisor
By Perilyn Olson DC MCS-P in Documentation
4-Quick Steps to Improve Your Chiropractic E/M Documentation and Get Paid Better! Most EHR systems have some preprogrammed macros, and they are often useless.