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2017 ProSport Seminar Information

It was great to be with you at the seminar in Las Vegas! As promised, here is the the most up-to-date version of the seminar notes and the free goodies I had mentioned.

Many of you were interested in our Library program and took a flyer. Click below to sign up!

As mentioned at the seminar we are extending our special for our brand new Chiropractic Medicare Quick Reference Tool. To get the special pricing of just $50, use coupon code CYBER at checkout. Additionally, should you choose to join our Library Program you will get a Quick Reference Tool (QRT) of your choice, for free. If you decide to join our Library Plus Compliance Program you can get 3 Quick Reference Tools for free, one of which can be our Documentation OR Medicare QRT. 

As we mentioned at the seminar, we work with a number of partners who have special offers for you simply by having attended. Click here to learn more - and find more great information below!

KMC University on Medicare

You can be participating (“par”) or non-participating (“non-par”), but either way, you’re legally responsible for billing Medicare for medically necessary chiropractic adjustments and providing the required documentation.

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