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Medicare is often the single largest area of confusion in a chiropractic practice.

There are what seem like an infinite number of rules, regulations, and guidelines for chiropractic Medicare that you’re expected to understand and follow—but many doctors don’t know where to find simple, single-source solutions. Changing regulations are the name of the game for all healthcare providers, but chiropractic Medicare demands more oversight and care than most. Read on!

KMC University on Medicare

You can be participating (“par”) or non-participating (“non-par”), but either way, you’re legally responsible for billing Medicare for medically necessary chiropractic adjustments and providing the required documentation.

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Chiropractic Medicare FAQ

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Medicare Advance Beneficiary Notice of Non-Coverage (ABN) Form

An ABN is a way for a Medicare beneficiary to make an informed decision about receiving items and services that are usually covered by Medicare, but may not be expected to be paid in a specific instance for certain reasons, such as lack of medical necessity.

Medicare Training with KMC University Library

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