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KMC University & Cash Practice Partnership Discounts

Cash Practice

Partnership Discounts



KMC University and Cash Practice are proud to bring you these special partnership discounts!


The KMC University Library

KMC University and Cash Practice know that Chiropractic practice today has many moving parts and healthcare regulations are a challenge to keep up with. Chiropractors and their teams want to keep their focus on patient care. KMC University Library Membership will help!

That's why we've teamed up to offer special introductory pricing for the KMC University Library just for Cash Practice users like you!

  • Your first month of membership is specially priced at $49 (locked in $99 per month membership pricing thereafter for Cash Practice clients).
  • Just mention "Cash Practice KMCU" to our solutions team to receive your special discount off our products and services below!
  • BONUS: no long-term commitment here! You can opt out anytime with 30 days' written notice!

Or call (855) 832-6562 and say 'Cash Practice KMCU' to receive special pricing!

Click here to get started today!

Additional Discounts on KMC University Analysis Services

KMC University Analysis Services are performed by our team of specialists who have spent and continue to spend incalculable hours learning the ins and outs of every chiropractic policy and procedure, as well as, staying up-to-moment on the latest rules and regulations. That makes us an incredible resource for you.

We're poised to take a quick look at or a deep dive into any aspect of your practice, including:

  • Patient scripting to coding to documentation to billing and collections
  • If you've got any leaks in your reimbursement bucket
  • Coding or documentation errors that put you at risk for an audit
  • Determining if you're non-compliant in any way

Special Pricing for Cash Practice Clients

Membership Services

Regular Price

Cash Practice Client Discount Price

Cash Practice Client & KMC University Member Discount Price

Library Basic Monthly Membership


$99/month & $50 off the first month


Library Basic Annual Membership

$119/month w/12-month Agreement

$99/month & $50 off the first month


Analysis Services

Regular Price

Cash Practice Client Discount Price

Cash Practice Client & KMC University Member Discount Price

Quick Consult (QC)

$79 $49 $39

One-Hour Consult (1HC)

$300 $250 $200

Three-Chart Review (3CR)

$899 $799 $699

Practice Performance Profile (PPP)

$899 $799 $699

Practice Analysis Combo (PAC = 3CR + PPP)

$1299 $999 $799

Medicare Enrollment Indv. OR Group

$599 $499 $449

Medicare Enrollment Indv. AND Group

$899 $799 $749

Onsite per day (Per Day PlusExpenses)

$2500/Day $2300/Day $2000/Day