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HIPAA Desk Review (HDR)

HIPAA Desk Review

Privacy officer. Security officer. Business associate agreement. Notice of privacy practices. Do you feel like government regulation has increased since you've been in practice? Is it difficult for you to keep up with all the regulations?

Do you consider yourself proactive when it comes to protecting your license and your practice?

Know that you're safe and protected when it comes to HIPAA. Because HIPAA Phase 2 audits are happening right now, so you could be randomly chosen.

Have one of our medical compliance specialist review your current HIPAA program, before a government agency does.


On March 21, 2016, the Office of Civil Rights (OCR), sometimes known as the 'HIPAA police,' announced the launch of the Phase 2 HIPAA Audit Program. This particular phase in the OCR's efforts to ensure protection of patient health information includes desk audits of your HIPAA Program, audits of business associate agreements, your breach protocols and onsite audits. Is your HIPAA compliance program complete and up to date? Have all of your team members had annual training?

Learn if you are ready and safe before you are possibly selected for an audit.

HIPAA fines are huge. Now is the time to get ready. Don’t wonder if you are prepared and cross your fingers. Know exactly where you stand. KMC University has the largest number of specialists under one roof in chiropractic, so we are prepared to help you get ready now.

We’ll review your office HIPAA status, and get you prepared to face an audit. We’ll confirm you are ready, or recommend any trainings or actions needed to help you get up to date, NOW. Time is of the essence and HIPAA auditors will not wait for you to get ready. They are asking for information and giving you a 10-day window to respond. Call today to get your HIPAA Desk Review. You cannot afford to wait!