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Mile High 2021

26 Sep Seminar
September 26, 2021 - 11:00am EDT
Denver Marriott Westminster
7000 Church Ranch Blvd
Westminster, CO 80021

Sunday, September 26

Bulletproof Your Record Keeping-For All Parties

Mastering the basics of recordkeeping and risk management has become more critical than ever with the increase in audits and recoupments. Thorough documentation is an obligation of every healthcare provider, regardless of your technique or your participation in third-party reimbursement. Layers of documentation requirements start with simply being a good doctor, meeting your board’s requirements, and including all necessary detail from a risk management perspective. All of this applies whether you deal with third-party reimbursement or not. Kathy Mills Chang’s distinctive approach to explaining case management leaves both doctor and team with a clear understanding of initial and routine visit documentation requirements, treatment planning, and compliance requirements. This training covers the action steps and know-how necessary to immediately take control of your documentation and compliance, not only to satisfy Colorado Rule 22 but also all other state and Federal recordkeeping requirements.

Join us on higher ground to lift up chiropractors and their focus on delivering The Art of Chiropractic September 23rd – 26th, where I’ll be sharing the stage with more than 25 other presenters, and you’ll enjoy one of the most talked about event in Chiropractic.  You can also receive up to 17 hours of continuing education, if needed, in true ChiropracTIC CE

In addition to lectures, breakout sessions, and team training, this is also an incredible weekend to make connections and enjoy camaraderie as well as after-parties.  There is even a VIP ticket option that includes it ALL!

If you like Colorado in the winter you’re going to love it in the summer with stunning scenery and beautiful weather! The theme is Raiders of The Lost Art so you KNOW it will be an adventure.

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This event gets bigger and better every year, and I’m honored to be part of it.

Please place attending this event at the top of your 2021 plans so you can greatly enhance your Chiropractic Art!  You’ll also deepen your philosophy, expand your vision, and increase your business strategies for greater impact in your community.

You’ll also have the opportunity connect with practitioners and their teams from all over the world.

Mile high 2021 this is the ninth year of Mile High and is taking place September 23rd – 26th.  It will be a weekend you never forget!

Visit here to see videos of past events, check out the Mile High Podcast, learn more and then reserve your seats.

I personally look forward to giving you a hug and a high five in Colorado!

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