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FREE Webinar - "Launching Your Associate into Instant Success and Profit!"

27 Jun Webinar

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June 27, 2017 - 1:00pm EDT
Online Webinar

How would you like to increase your practice while decreasing your workload?

Imagine coming to the office in the morning to find your associate already processing 2 new patients she met the night before at a screening. Your CA points to a stack of new patient appointments to enter in the scheduler. Your associate has 5 more new patients today, another 7 tomorrow and 3 on the following day. You are booked full of new patients and your regular appointments are at capacity. HOWEVER, with your associate's help, it's never been easier.

Now imagine hearing your CA on the phone saying, "Of course Gina, we can get your sister in today." Your associate does a great job working up your new patients. Your practice has increased by 35% while your workload feels like it's been cut in half. And, your associate has already paid for herself with the new patients she brings into the clinic.

In this live webinar, Dr. Lloyd will reveal:

  • The 1 strategic shift that frees doctors just like you from "Do it all myself" thinking and allows them to collect an extra $25K/mo.
  • How Dr. Cara filled her office with successful associates who get their own new patients
  • How Dr. Jamie's associate handled the practice during her 14 week maternity leave and almost produced a best ever year
  • How Dr. Tim added $275K in one year and cut his stress in half by learning how to pick the right associate

Join us for this FREE training webinar where Dr. Lloyd will share his most important lessons you must know to add a profitable associate (an extra $25K/mo) to your practice AND get the freedom you've dreamed about.