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The Chiropractic Reimbursement and Compliance Experts

Understanding what we do is as easy as looking at what chiropractic does. DCs treat patients and help restore optimal function. We do too, only in this case the "patient" is your practice, and its full functionality results in a compliant, robust, and thriving business. Just as you focus on regions of the body, we focus on the most critical areas of chiropractic: reimbursement and compliance, including Medicare, documentation, coding, billing and collections, patient finances, and therapy and active care.

We've studied for years in order to help DCs make and keep more money. And we're great at it!

This page is your first stop on the way to chiropractic practice wellness. We coach, we train, we offer DYI products, and we do it in the way that works best for you. Some of our clients come to us for help in one specific area - enrolling in Medicare, for example. Others need and want a broader focus, and so our work with them may cover several or all the areas of what we teach.

But there's no need to decide up front. We can help you determine which areas of study will benefit your practice the most. Explore through our departments on your own, or reach out to find out what we can do for you here.


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