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What We Do

We provide peace of mind

We provide crystal clarity on and mastery of the regulatory and financial systems of your practice - including Medicaredocumentationcodingbilling and collectionspatient finances, and therapy and active care. Practicing from this state of mind conquers fear, instills confidence and peace, and paves the way for achieving practice profitability. Experience the difference between merely surviving and abundantly thriving.

We analyze, train, and implement

What do we do? In short, we analyze, we train, and we implement—and we do it in a way that no other company does: through our suite of on-site and off-site analysis services, our subscription-based education and training programs, our wealth of products ranging from single-subject Problem Solvers to DIY lesson plans for your practice to follow, and via ongoing webinars and seminars we lead and attend all over the country.

We believe in helping DCs make and keep more money and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing they’re in compliance as they do so. We are deeply committed to your success.