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It's not why you became a chiropractor . . .

Few DCs who choose the chiropractic profession look forward to spending their time wrangling the paperwork and office procedures that make up chiropractic compliance. But healthcare has become such a highly regulated industry that it’s imperative for doctors to tend not just to patients but to the “business of running the business.” KMC University leads doctors and their teams through risk management and risk mitigation. We offer timely and substantive training in self-audits, procedures for responding confidently to third-party payer requests, negotiating tricky HIPAA privacy issues, and creating preventive policies help you avoid future hassles and headaches. KMC University clients and customers go home from the office every day knowing their chiropractic compliance issues are resolved and their practice is safe and secure.

KMC University on Compliance

Getting and staying informed about the latest chiropractic compliance issues is more complicated than it used to be, but well worth it. Compliance pays off!

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Chiropractic Compliance FAQ

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What is HIPAA Compliance?

Compliance Basics

Learn the basics of HIPAA, and take the first step to becoming compliant. 


HelpDesk FAQ

Q: When initially submitting billing for a Medicare patient, what is the rule for filling out box 14? Also, what about box 15?

What is MRP and Why Does it Matter?

MRP stands for Medical Review Policy. Many providers and CAs raise an inquisitive brow when MRP is mentioned, having never even heard of it before. Make no mistake, this policy matters and plays a key role in determining the care that is reimbursable by a payor.

What is Protected Health Information (PHI)?

PHI is at the very core of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) The underlying purpose of HIPAA is to ensure that the personally identifiable information in a patient’s health record is kept private and protected.

Take a Proactive Approach into 2018!

What a busy time of year! There is so much activity inside and outside of the practice as the year ends. Taking a proactive approach is certain to help you and your practice to minimize risk of incident and error, claims denial, audit, loss of cash flow… and the list goes on.

What’s Your Disaster Plan?

We all think it can’t happen to us . . . until it does. A natural disaster occurs, be it a flood, hurricane, or fire. These have certainly taken center stage recently. Some may experience the latest plague on the internet: ransomware. Your computer system gets infected by some outside program that holds all your files hostage until you pay the ransom in the form of electronic gift cards or Bitcoin.

Compliance is NOT a Thing!

We are so fortunate here at KMC University. Each year our team gets to travel all over the United States to speak at dozens of state associations and seminars. Not surprisingly, compliance with Office of the Inspector General guidelines and HIPAA are among the most common topics we present.

Thou Shall Not Bill!

We have hardly met a chiropractor, or any other healthcare provider, who has not provided care for a family member. There has been serious confusion, if not intense debate, as to whether a doctor can bill the family member’s health insurance for services provided. When faced with these dilemmas, often we can look to Medicare, typically the most stringent of carriers, for guidance.