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Billing and Collections

Are there cracks in your cash flow?

We've yet to find a chiropractic practice that doesn't have cracks somewhere in its cash flow. KMC University can help you tighten up chiropractic billing and collections to and from both patients and third-party payers so that every step in the process is orderly, accountable, and implementable by any and every team member. Learn to collect every penny possible with our signature Chiropractic Billing and Collections System that takes your team from charge entry to zero balance. Our proven system makes insurance verification, insurance follow-up, and accounts receivable reconciliation easy to implement. KMC University incorporates accountability procedures to measure progress, keep everyone in the loop, and track actions taken at every point along the way. It all adds up to more money in your pocket.

Internal EOB Audits

If you participate in third-party reimbursement activities and accept assignment of benefits, your best indicator of whether you are being paid what you deserve is the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) that accompanies payment.