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Jennifer Veerkamp

Thank you to KMC University's Abbie Miller for all your help this past year. Your help, patience, and knowledge really allowed us to learn a lot! We both feel much more confident that we are handling things correctly. Woo hoo! Now it's time to grow!

Jennifer Veerkamp and Dr. Kent Hardenbrook

LifeCare Chiropractic

Dr. Perilyn Olson takes the time to get to know specifically how my practice runs and specifically where my weaknesses are. She creates real world assignments and real-time assignments for me, which helps me build upon those areas. I have probably spent over $100,000 in coaching services since I began to practice. Very few of those can I say were worth my money like it is with KMC University.

P. Kevin Gehin, DC

Spine & Nerve Institute

I highly recommend the KMC University PhD program to our peers! The format and content of the program has ease of use and is highly informative. I look forward to continue to learn and implement the KMC University PhD program in our office for years to come. Thank you for EVERYTHING!

Kristena Conlin, MBA

40th Street Chiropractic


I can't tell you how much I learned working with Abbie Miller through KMC University's PhD program. I only wish I would've been working with her 10 or 15 years before. What an incredible help she has been to me during one of the most challenging periods of my 35-year career. Not only is she technically sound, but also discreet, encouraging, and supportive. There are not enough superlatives to describe her. Some people are good when the skies are sunny, but Abbie was at her best when the challenges seemed overwhelming to me. She took the wheel and guided us around the rocks and into the open waters again - and she made it look easy!

Dr. James Holding

Holding Sports Injury Clinic



Dr. Arlan Fuhr

Compliance is the critical foundation for everything from privacy laws to billing and coding. That’s why we take time in seminars to talk about it, and why we’ve partnered with KMC University for this special training. Strongly recommended!

Dr. Arlan Fuhr

Dr. Ren Bleem

By the time we found KMC University, we were burned out, confused, downright scared of the future and a bit beat up by ‘life’ and practice. As promised, KMC University sprang into action and patiently took us under their wing. We were capable, but we needed to be spoon fed in the beginning. After we joined the PhD Program, Abbie started calling. We committed to doing what she said as best we could. Just one year in, our confidence is on the upswing. Even with 17 years in the business, we learn something new every time we commit to studying our KMC University materials! We are building our Compliance & HIPAA programs and manuals and finally feel “bullet proof” for the first time in years.

Dr. Ren Bleem

Bleem Family Chiropractic