Put Your E/M Codes to Work for You

When coding Evaluation and Management (EM) services in chiropractic, it’s vital to be precise when selecting the level of code billed based on your documentation. The EM Documentation Guidelines have been carefully laid out to be followed exactly. The links below will take you to three excellent resources:

  1. The 1997 EM Guidelines are an excellent resource tool to learn all the components and requirements of coding EM services. Download HERE
  2. The Musculoskeletal (MS) Specialty Exam is a score sheet for the MS section of examination that most chiropractors will use. It allows for counting bullets and lays out a beautiful plan for customizing your examination and being able to document PART for Medicare. Download HERE
  3. The Audit Tool for EM services used by Medicare is a great internal resource for self-auditing and periodically spot checking your EM documentation to ensure you have coded your services correctly. Download HERE

For additional training in this important area of documentation and coding, check out our Three Part EM Documentation and Coding webinar series which can be found HERE .