Chiropractic Medicare FAQ

By KMC University - December 30, 2013

You’ve got questions, KMC University has answers, click on a question below to reveal the answer. Did You Know? Medicare’s ABN must be used when services that are normally covered by Medicare (spinal CMT codes) are expected to be uncovered for any reason (such as maintenance care). The ABN form can voluntarily be used for [...]

KMC University WOW! Newsletter “Medicare” – June 2013

By KMC University - June 5, 2013

The June edition of the KMCU WOW! Newsletter is here! As usual, it is packed with useful information, but now it is delivered in a friendly PDF format so you can save it on your hard drive, or print it out and file it in a three-ring folder; we want this newsletter to be another [...]

Correct Use of Medicare ABN for Chiropractic

By KMC University - May 7, 2013

These are all the crazy and incorrect things we’ve heard about how doctors and CAs in Chiropractic are taught to use the Medicare ABN form: • Get it signed on every single visit• Get it signed on every single visit that there is an adjustment• Get it signed to explain why Medicare doesn’t cover exams, [...]

Did You Receive Your Comparative Billing Report (CBR) Yet?

By KMC University - April 10, 2013

Now that many providers have received not only one CBR in 2011, but now another in 2013, some of the shock has worn off. We know that the increased focus on protecting the Medicare Trust Fund from fraud, waste and abuse has caused some carriers and CMS to pump up providers’ education regarding proper billing [...]