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What our clients are saying...

“I have used Kathy as a coach for my business. She has a way of breaking down complex tasks into simple "projects" that I can handle. She really got my head focused on what I do and what value I provide. My charges jumped from March 2007 to October 2007 about 80% just from having her help me better focus on the business side of what I do. I like being a doctor but have not always enjoyed dealing with the business side of things. I am soon to be moving the billing in the office in house and I am looking forward to her help training my billing person on being an effective collector/biller.”

Michael Berglund, DC

"Kathy Mills Chang is hands down the most knowledgeable individual in our industry as it relates to getting paid for what we do. She was able to implement systems into our office to take the guess work out of how much and when we were going to get paid. She has an unbelievable skill of developing standard operating systems to make practice fun. I would highly recommend the services she provides to anyone who is looking to go to a new level!"

Nathan Unruh, DC

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