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What our clients are saying...

“Kathy is a great resource for any doctor's office. She makes dealing with difficult insurance matters much easier. She is also a wonderful resource in all areas of office management and human resource matters. I recommend her to colleagues almost daily to doctors that I deal through my position as membership liaison for the state association insurance committee.”

Richard Buchanan, DC

“I have used Kathy as a coach for my business. She has a way of breaking down complex tasks into simple "projects" that I can handle. She really got my head focused on what I do and what value I provide. My charges jumped from March 2007 to October 2007 about 80% just from having her help me better focus on the business side of what I do. I like being a doctor but have not always enjoyed dealing with the business side of things. I am soon to be moving the billing in the office in house and I am looking forward to her help training my billing person on being an effective collector/biller.”

Michael Berglund, DC

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